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Living in an era of chronic diseases and poor food systems, as a degreed nutritionist and fitness coach, I am a strong believer in a body-mind harmony achieved through balanced nutrition and adequate physical activity to achieve optimal health. Today, I want to make this blog a “treasure island” that “harbors” my most favorite healthy recipes that are both my creations and modified recipes from different cultures as well as up-to-date nutrition & fitness trends to make people’s decisions regarding a healthy lifestyle easier and more enjoyable. But before you cook any of my goodies, let me tell you a short story about myself.

Hey there,

I am Tati and I am a fitness coach and degreed nutritionist. I completed my clinical nutrition/dietetics program at San Francisco State University and now I am working hard on accumulating my experience and knowledge to make the next step - a Master's Degree. How did I end up doing it? Well...


​I was born and raised in a small country Belarus, Eastern Europe. During my last year at Minsk Institute of Management majoring as a linguist, I realized that being an interpreter (German, English, and Russian languages) was not my cup of tea and I decided to seek adventures abroad... in the US.

My new home country brought me new friends and experiences. But like many other people, I still had no idea what I wanted to do until my friend asked me to join her weight loss challenge. Recovering postpartum, her main goal was to get back in shape and I escorted her. After three months, we made great progress. That was the moment I told myself: "hmm that's cool! I think I want to learn how food and human metabolism work". And fun began...

At the age of 25, I had the honor of participating in bodybuilding competitions for both NPC and WBFF organizations  where I won my first trophies. This experience boosted my passion for living a healthy lifestyle even more and encouraged me to begin a new career in fitness. For the past seven years and over 6000 hours of practice I have been promoting positive health through injury-preventative goal-specific physical activity programs  along with providing basic nutrition recommendations.

As my professional journey evolved, I found out that fitness coaches have tight hands in terms of what they can recommend to clients, especially those who have chronic diseases. This specific reason pushed me to explore medical nutrition science and become a dietitian to make an impact on people's lives to a greater extent.

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